Got Freedom?

Hello my friends,

Freedom is a big word, isn’t it? It brings so many images to our hearts and minds. As Americans, we are usually schooled in the fact, that because of our country’s history, freedom is very important. And depending on our own personal history and lifestyles, freedom can mean everything. Some of us have had our freedoms taken away from us because of legal problems. Some of us have served in a military role or know someone who has done so, to protect our freedoms. Some of us have lost someone who was protecting our freedoms. Some of us have lived in other countries, where freedom is not even close to the freedom we know here.

But, many people don’t realize that our freedoms can be stolen from us. The assailant is stealthy, innocuous, almost invisible. The worst part is that we are willing participants to this theft of our most precious belonging.

Freedom Thieves

  • Fear
  • Doubt
  • Self-pity
  • Ignorance
  • Addiction
  • Envy
  • Apathy


  • Fear steals your freedom when you become paralyzed by it.
  • Write it down, is the fear rational? Is it a true fear or a fear of a feeling? Feelings cannot hurt us, they are only uncomfortable. Don’t let the fear of discomfort steal your freedom.


  • Doubt steals your freedom when we believe in it.
  • If we doubt that we can do anything and use it as an excuse to not even try, then we have lost our freedom to do many things we would enjoy and that could help someone else.


  • Self-pity steals your freedom when feeling sorry for yourself leads you into a pit that you can’t climb out of and buries your creativity, joy, and potential with you.
  • As soon as we recognize that we are following self-pity toward that pit, we have to take action toward anything else, it’s much better to be pro-active here instead of trying to climb out later.



  • Ignorance steals our freedom simply because we don’t know something.
  • The only thing we can do about this situation is to not be willfully ignorant. Being willfully ignorant is usually a symptom of fear. As humans, we tend to be willfully ignorant about things we are afraid of, but this a great detriment to our success and well-being.


  • Addiction steals everything, including your freedom. Unfortunately, many turn to drugs and alcohol to lessen stress and/or reduce pain.
  • The sad irony of addiction is that many use drugs or alcohol to forget problems and it creates so many more. There is only one of two things that can be done here. Don’t use to avoid anything and if you are addicted, get help immediately.


  • Envy steals your freedom by taking your focus from your goals, dreams and desires, and places it on your perception of what someone else owns or has achieved.
  • You have to remind yourself that what you see is a perception, not the reality. You can never compare your path to another person’s journey. No two are the same.


  • Apathy steals your freedom by suppressing all your motivation, excitement and interest in your goals.
  • Apathy can manifest when you start to believe that you do not have the ability to accomplish your goals. Don’t let that happen, you are the only one that can control your mind. Change your strategy, don’t become apathetic.

What other freedom thieves did I miss?

How do you prevent these or others?

Please let me know and tell your story below!

12 Replies to “Got Freedom?”

  1. Thanks for writing this article on freedom,  freedom sometimes a lie we tell ourselves we have, some of us do the wrong jobs, live with the wrong partners or even eat a wrong diet, one way or the other we are prisoners to our circumstances but thinking positive is a start of been a little free from our troubles. It does help me alot. Thanks for this article 

    1. You’re very welcome Seun!

      And, you’re correct! I have chosen the “wrong” jobs before, been in the “wrong” relationships, and I’ve definitely eaten the “wrong” diet, lol. But, we all make decisions that are great sometimes. 

      This is what I think though. Sometimes, our decisions benefit other people more than us. I believe that people are in our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Even those people that I didn’t like, I still learned from them. Even in the situations that my decisions placed me in, while not pleasant, I still learned from them. 

      I look back on those things as being what had to happen for me to be who I am today. Much stronger, much wiser and definitely possessing more freedom. 

      Thank you so much Seun, many blessings! 


  2. Hi! Freedom is more a continuous quest than a condition someone can achieve, i think… and surely fear of the unknown is one of the worst enemies! We think that maybe a change in our life can bring more freedom to us but at the same time we know that through that change we may stay worse. It seems strange but probably the fear of getting worse is stronger than the will of staying better! isn’t it?

    1. Awww Miche, no no no, Freedom is definitely a condition one can achieve. But, fear, can take it from you. Fear of the unknown is real though, I understand that and have suffered from it myself many times. 

      But, here’s the thing, Miche, if we embrace that fear and just move forward, it allows us to see that once we get passed it, then it will be much easier next time and the time after that. More confidence in ourselves is a great side benefit too! 

      Many blessings! 


  3. Hi, Kim! Thanks for sharing your post! It’s an important topic to talk about so thank you for doing that. You gave me something to think about, and your article is full of things that sometimes we miss. Too often we are the ones that steal our own freedom. It is strange, but it’s true. 

    I have experienced how fear and doubt impact me. Sometimes they become an excuse not to do something that maybe could change my life in positive and powerful ways. Even when I say yes, fear and doubt still hold me back to reach my full potential, to enjoy my life and things what I am doing. This way it feels like I am losing my freedom to just be me.

    What are the worst freedom thieves for you?

    Thanks again! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you for stopping in Linda!

      Yes, Fear and Doubt are both huge thieves. I have suffered from both, along with addiction and self-pity! All of them take so much away from us. 

      I am in it to win it though, my friend, and I am so in to try and help other people feel the same way. Freedom isn’t ever something we can take for granted. 



  4. I’ve often doubted myself and be mired in fear when attempting to do something that I know would be beneficial for me. Or I’m in the pursuit of the truth. I’ve also noticed that people are now trying to stop people from speaking out. You’ll see it in campuses more recently. The internet hate mob is a real problem; they are like the Spanish Inquisitors of the past, using fear to suppress the people.

    I wonder where we will be in the future. All I know is that I have to continue doing my own thing but I have to be careful of the flaws you mentioned above.

    1. Thanks for that Murasa, yes, unfortunately, many people will try to silence us when they themselves live in fear or doubt. It’s truly sad that this happens on campuses where ideas should definitely not be hindered. 



  5. You have presented a very important and interesting topic.Indeed if you don’t have freedom, you can’t reach your potential.  The reason you have given are truly the ones that would paralyze us and end up not progressing. It’s like being in chains!

    When I was growing up, I never had confidence in myself  because it seemed that each time I tried to do something, it was a failure. I couldn’t stand rejection. I was afraid to fail. For example, each time in a meeting I had a proposal, I would tell someone to present it. Then most of the times it happened that it was the best proposal. In the end  would not get credit for it because I did not do the presentation.

    Reading your post it encourages me  that all this  fear, doubt, self pity and all is in my head. The brain manipulates and negative ideas can overtake us. When ever if I have a negative thought, I quickly tell myself that I can do this!

    Thanks for sharing. A great post!


    1. Thank you so much Smart!

      I’m glad you brought up the brain. Our brains are very efficient at keeping us safe. If the brain could control us, we would never do anything lol! But that is why we have to control the brain instead of it controlling us. It can be good to go with our gut sometimes, but we must not let the brain’s emotions paralyze us. 

      Many blessings! 


  6. Kim,
    I appreciate your post. I “fear” the loss of my freedom more than death itself. If I were to lose my ability to come and go when and where I wanted to I would literally go insane!

    We truly don’t know what we have until we have lost it.

    1. Thank you for coming by Steve!

      That is very true about not knowing until it’s gone. I hope you never experience that and I hope the fear of it doesn’t effect your life negatively.

      Many blessings,

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