How to Overcome Fear and Doubt in 2019

Fear and Doubt seem to be constant companions, don’t they? As I have more birthdays, I notice they both want to hang out with me much more than when I was younger.
Now, I realize that as a woman who has celebrated the anniversary of her 25th birthday for many years, that Fear and Doubt could both be visiting more because they like hormonal chaos. But, hormonal chaos or not, I decided their visits were more frequent than I could stand, so I had to come up with a strategy for how to overcome Fear and Doubt, and the research began.


Fear and Doubt are Family

Sometimes you have to embrace them. I know it’s not always pleasant when great Aunt Harriet hugs you at the family reunions, primarily because she smells like 1937, but you don’t want to hurt her feelings. The same is true with Fear and Doubt. Now, hear me out.


You don’t want Fear or Doubt to never visit you. I’m serious, you really do want them to come around sometimes. Because the truth is, you can’t stop them. If you try to do that, then you will just have to deal with Anxiety and Stress showing up, and we all know how long-winded they both are!


Besides, Fear and Doubt are both useful sometimes. Think about it. Fear has been a life saver more times than we’ll ever know and Doubt? Well, hasn’t Doubt kept you from making some very bad investments? See, you really can’t afford to end the relationship with either of them altogether.


Turn On Your Brain Monitor


The brain monitor is that marvelous area in your brain that can watch what the rest of your brain is thinking about. I’m terrible at meditation even though I know its benefits are tremendous, but checking in with the brain monitor is something I can do.


I’m often amazed by what my brain is thinking. Sometimes, it isn’t even true. I’m telling you, you’ve got to try it. If left unchecked, your brain will just keep thinking the same things that it has always thought. Our brains are efficiency machines. If it has been programmed by us to believe something is true, then we have to reprogram it when we realize that our thoughts aren’t even accurate. This is powerful, kids!


Take time to check in with your brain monitor, make sure that your brain is calibrated with true information. Fear and Doubt are excellent brain hackers. If they have put malware in your brain, you’ve got to do some maintenance.


Let’s Get Physical


If you’re a small business owner, have a high pressure career, or you’re a parent juggling work and family or raising children and taking care of parents, as well, you could be flying high on adrenaline most of the time. Adrenaline is a hormone our bodies create that induces the fight or flight response. Since we’re probably not in any real danger, this adrenaline isn’t used appropriately and the crash from the overdose leads to anxiety, depression, irritability, and fatigue.


Remember how Fear and Doubt like to hack our brains? Well, it’s even easier now that we are exhausted from our adrenaline crash. Sometimes, getting back on track with a good diet and getting more rest is all we need to prevent Fear and Doubt from hacking our brains.


Pack Another Bag


There are many times when Fear and Doubt are just going to have to grab their toothbrushes if they are coming with us. We are busy people and we have things to do. One of the most efficient ways to overcome Fear and Doubt is to move forward.



Once Fear realizes he can’t talk you out of what you are trying to do, chances are likely that he’ll catch a bus.


Doubt will stick around until the end, because, of course, he doesn’t believe that you’ll succeed. And, that’s fine. Most likely, you will fail many times, just like we all do! If someone isn’t failing often, this means they aren’t doing anything.


Stand Up for Yourself


When they show up, Fear and Doubt should be questioned. Don’t let them hang out, eating all your groceries and practicing their coding.


If neither are being useful, find out why. Check in with your brain monitor to ensure that your thoughts are accurate. If they are not, reprogram your thinking.


Evaluate your current eating and sleeping habits. Are you trying to live like a rock star? If you’re not getting valid nutrition and plenty of rest, your brain is  the perfect place for Fear and Doubt to park their Volvo.


I pray 2019 is your best year yet and that Fear and Doubt only visit when they can be useful.


Many Blessings,



10 Replies to “How to Overcome Fear and Doubt in 2019”

  1. Very useful post.
    It is indeed that fear and doubt go hand in hand, and can jeopardize our normal life.
    While we cannot get rid of the fear and doubt by 100%, we can learn and practice how to control and overcome them.
    Thanks for sharing your nice ideas.

  2. Absolutely! Kick fear and doubt into touch. Well said. I can really resonate with what you’re saying. We waste so much time an energy on things that are so disempowering. But they’re strong so we have to be stronger and wiser. Great post!

  3. Nice article Kim, solid tips for overcoming fear and doubt. I find pushing myself outside of my comfort zone makes my fears and doubts smaller and smaller

    1. Yes! That’s great Marvin. We have to practice moving outside our comfort zones in spite of fear and/or doubt, that’s the only way to grow. And it is amazing to me how much easier it is each time you do that, it really does make a difference in your confidence for other new things.
      Thank you for stopping by!

  4. It is said we are born with only two innate fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds, everything else we teach ourselves to fear and doubt. Great article!

    1. Ooooh! I love that John, that’s so interesting, and it’s probably true. We really are our own worst enemies sometimes.

      Thank you so much for coming by!

  5. Very useful post. I’m a nurse and I often encounter a lot of fear and doubt especially now I am moving into a new role at work. You’re right I definitely need to look at my nutrition and sleep patterns to help prevent fear and doubt finding it even easier to creep in. Interesting post. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you so much Sarah-Anne!

      Yes, you definitely have to take care of yourself physically in order to be healthy mentally. In my experience, it is usually the healthcare workers, particularly nurses, that put everyone else’s well being ahead of their own. Just remind yourself that you can’t continue to help others if you are sick yourself.

      Thanks again!

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